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By Friedrich Von Haeseler

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Provides a normal method of learning sequences generated via a finite machine. Haeseler (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium) first introduces the thoughts of substitution at the area of sequences, increasing workforce endomorphisms, and the kernel graph of a series. the most a part of the e-book develops an set of rules for developing a minimum automaton for a given automated series, investigates the houses of H-automatic sequences and sequences generated by way of substitutions, and considers the answer of Mahler equations

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0 ∗1 such that the number of zeros is odd. 3. Let A = {0, 1, 2, 3}, s : V × A → A by = x , H (x j ) = x 2j and V = {x 0 , x 1 } and define 0 1 2 3 x0 0 2 0 2 x1 1 1 3 3 The induced (V , H )-substitution S on (Z, A) has six fixed points and no other periodic points. If θ is defined as in 2. above, then the sequence ˆ lim S n (x 0 0)), pf = θ( n→∞ regarded as a sequence in (N, {0, 1}), is called the paperfolding sequence. By construction, the paperfolding sequence is recursively defined by pf (x 2j +1 ) = pf (x j ) pf (x 4j ) = 1 pf (x 4j +2 ) = 0, for j ≥ 0.

It is also very much related to the work of Gromov on the growth properties of finitely generated groups, see [88]. , [7], [9], [61], [79], [82], [103], [107], [152], and the references given there. The Thue–Morse sequence appears in [158] and later independently in [131]. It is one of the best studied automatic sequences. Different facets of this sequence are discussed in: [3], [5], [13], [26], [27], [41], [51], [52], [62], [68], [70], [71], [75], [76], [81], [86], [104], [112], [113], [122], [139], [146], [150], [161], [162], [167], [168], to name but a few.

If V is a residue set of H , then any τ -decimation ∂τH can be written as ∂τH = (Tκ(τ ) )∗ ∂ζH(τ ) , where κ and ζ are the associated image-part- and remainder-map, respectively. Proof. Any τ ∈ has a unique representation as τ = ζ (τ )H (κ(τ )) = vH (τ ). We therefore obtain that H ∗ ∂τH = ∂vH (τ ) = (TvH (τ ) H ) = (Tv H Tτ )∗ = (Tτ )∗ ∂vH , which finishes the proof. 14 and 2. 15. Let H be an expanding endomorphism of , let V be a residue system of H , and let ζ and κ be the associated remainder-map and image-part-map, respectively.

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