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A battalion (65 to 80 tanks) frequently uses a "V" formation with two companies leading and one in reserve, or an inverted "V" with one company leading 54 ARTILLERY IN THE DESERT and two in reserve. Companies are usually in line, with tanks in column of threes at about 50-yard intervals and three to five tank lengths in depth. A German tank battalion in tactical formation moves in short rushes, taking advantage of the terrain. Frequently the whole regiment advances in mass formation with lines of tanks at regular intervals of about 50 yards, advancing in waves.

This gun fires a 55-pound shell and has a muzzle velocity of 2,265 feet per second. Nature of weapon: medium gun. Weight: 16,048 pounds. Length: 16 feet. Traverse: 60 ° . Elevation: -- 5 ° to +45 ° . Maximum range: 20,500 yards. Ammunition: HE. Rate of fire: 2 rounds per minute (rapid) and 1 round per minute for prolonged firing. -This medium gun-howitzer fires a 100-pound shell and has a muzzle velocity of from 1,235 to 1,675 feet per second. EQUIPMENT 35 Nature of weapon: medium gun-howitzer.

16 inches) with ballistic cap at 600 at 400 yards. h. 2-mm Gun (fig. 2-mm field gun is being used in Libya by the Germans for antitank purposes. Published photographs of this weapon indicate that it is a practical high velocity weapon. 7. ITALIAN 5 a. 75/18 Gun-Howitzer, 1935 (fig. 7) The characteristics of this piece are-Muzzle velocity: 1,430 feet per second. AMaximum range: 10,200 yards. 9 pounds. Elevation: 65° . Depression: 10°. Traverse: 50° . 1 tons. 19 miles per hour. b. 75/18 Self-Propelled Gun The Italians have been mounting their guns on tank chassis.

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