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By Jerome Pine (auth.), Makoto Taketani, Michel Baudry (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0387258574

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This booklet booklet is an try and assessment the hot development in either electronics and computational instruments constructed to investigate the practical operations of huge ensembles of neurons and to supply the readers with a feeling of the functions made attainable through those technological instruments. whereas massive growth has been remodeled the final many years in our knowing of electrophysiological tactics on the unmarried channel, single

synapse, and unmarried neuron degrees, our knowing of electrophysiological

processes on the neuronal community point continues to be in its infancy.

This publication includes:

  • Technological overviews of multi-electrode arrays (MEAs) and comparable electronics and software,
  • Applications of MEAs to check ensemble task of dissociated phone cultures together with cardiac myocytes,
  • Applications of the expertise for drug discovery utilizing acute and cultured slices.

Examples of experiences directed at figuring out the origins and capabilities of assorted rhythmic actions in neuronal ensembles.

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1998), to develop and manufacture the first MEA-based instruments to be sold in large numbers. Current estimates place the number of instruments sold at over 250 worldwide. The proliferation of these instruments within the electrophysiology community has led to a variety of new applications. This chapter presents a sampling of these applications meant to outline some of the major application categories currently associated with MEAs. In what follows, MEA applications are divided into two broad categories: experiments that can be performed with traditional non-MEA instrumentation but are enhanced by the use of MEAs; and experiments that can only be performed using MEAs because they depend upon one or more of their unique characteristics.

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