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By Haskell Curry

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A Figure is generated by the motion of a line always a fixed point and leaning on a fixed line. passing through is any definite combination of points, lines, curves, or surfaces. 52. A Plane Figure is in one plane. THE ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY. 10 53. If a sect turns about one of its end points, the other end point describes a curve which is called a Circle, The fixed end point is called the Center of the Circle, c 54. The Radius of a ^ 3 Circle is a sect drawn from the center to the circle. A Diameter of a Circle is a sect drawn through the center, and terminated both ways by the circle.

Rt . -. 4. FHG. ) (93. From a point on a line, there cannot be more than one perpendicular to that line. 105. Corollary. Theorem 106. II. All perigons are equal. Xbj, V^^ G Hypothesis. Conclusion. Proof. Any 4- ^ ^^ '^ 4 AOA = line >ยป ^ perigon ; also 4 DHD is a perigon. 4 DHD. through the vertex of a perigon divides it into two straight angles. '. Perigon at (92. Corollary. O equals perigon at Doubles of equals are From H. ) the preceding demonstration, 107. follows that half a perigon is a straight angle.

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