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Basic to many of these problems 50 is the notional approach to linguistic analysis ; in other words, the adoption of meaning as the basis for grammatical classification. Of course, syntax must take into consideration the episememes of the tagmemes, or, in other words, the meanings of the constructions. But to disregard the formal differences and employ purely notional différences as a basis of analysis is to become involved in endless and irrelevant classifications. Curme, 51 more than most other grammarians, makes use of class distinctions based upon notional values.

411 Hermann Conrad, Syntax der englischen Sprache für Schulen (Berlin, Ernst S. Mittler and Sohn, 1909). 47 Sonnenschein, The Soul of Grammar, pp. 22 ff. 48 Deutschbein, op. , pp. 67-95. , pp. 112-124. 44 60 A REVIEW OF FORMER TREATMENTS OF ENGLISH SYNTAX or at least not to do violence to the historical and comparative picture, as with others, lies with the problem of terminology. Many completely unnecessary arguments have been waged in the field of grammar because of a basically false concept of naming.

WITH better (AND IN RARE CONSTRUCTIONS (He) better have gone. rather AND (He) better go. Τι D. Infinitive phrases (p. 158) 1. Unmarked (cf. Verb phrase patterns 1-5) have helped Τ have been helping -χ—I sooner) OUTLINE OF STRUCTURES 2. Marked to have helped to have been trying E. Verbal phrases (p. 158) (cf. Verb phrase patterns 1, 3-5) having helped I if having been helping I -x—-J F. Prepositional phrases (pp. 158-163) 1. Single and multiple types (pp. 159-160) with the people by and for the people I 2.

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