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By George Sganos; Pekka Sinervo (supervisor)

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K. Chua et al. use the factorization approach for both current and transition parts (so-called “form-factor model”). They apply SU(3) relations and QCD counting rules [133] on baryon form factors. 6. B DECAYS 21 part FP , with only the parallel spins. The form factors are parametrized as follows: FA,V 5 = CP CA,V 5 , FP = 4 , 3 mp¯p mp¯p where CA,V 5,P are coefficients to be determined experimentally. The p¯ pπ + , p¯ pK + and p¯ pK 0 modes are dominated by transition contributions, with the current contribution being significant for the last two modes.

3. 1: (a) ∆E distribution and (b) mES distribution of truth-matched B + → p¯ pK + signal Monte Carlo events. 2: (a) ∆E distribution and (b) mES distribution of off-peak data background events reconstructed in B + → p¯ pK + mode. CHAPTER 3. B + → P P¯ K + BRANCHING FRACTION MEASUREMENT 46 reconstructed B candidate, both measured in the laboratory frame. The second variable is ∆E = EB∗ − ECM /2, where EB∗ is the B-candidate energy in the center-of-mass frame. 1 and are fit with double Gaussian distributions.

A search for additional DCH hits that may belong to a track is performed, and additional track-finding algorithms employed to identify tracks which do not 34 CHAPTER 2. THE BABAR DETECTOR AND DATA traverse the entire DCH or do not originate from the interaction point. Tracks found by this algorithm are refit using a Kalman filter, which accounts for local variations in material and magnetic field along the fitting trajectory. They are extrapolated back into the SVT, where SVT track segments are added.

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