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I are looking to thank R. L. Fosdick, M. E. Gurtin and W. O. Williams for his or her specified feedback of the manuscript. I additionally thank F. Davi, M. Lembo, P. Nardinocchi and M. Vianello for invaluable feedback brought on by way of their interpreting of 1 or one other of the various earlier drafts, from 1988 up to now. because it has taken me goodbye to deliver this writing to its current shape, many different colleagues and scholars have episodically provided invaluable reviews and stuck blunders: a listing may probability to be incomplete, yet i'm heartily thankful to all of them. eventually, I thank V. Nicotra for skillfully reworking my hand sketches into book-quality figures. P. PODIO-GUIDUGLI Roma, April 2000 magazine of Elasticity fifty eight: 1-104,2000. 1 P. Podio-Guidugli, A Primer in Elasticity. © 2000 Kluwer educational Publishers. bankruptcy I pressure 1. Deformation. Displacement enable eight be a three-dimensional Euclidean area, and allow V be the vector house linked to eight. We distinguish some degree p E eight either from its place vector p(p):= (p-o) E V with recognize to a selected beginning zero E eight and from any triplet (~1, ~2, ~3) E R3 of coordinates that we may possibly use to label p. in addition, we endow V with the standard internal product constitution, and orient it in a single of the 2 attainable manners. It then is sensible to contemplate the internal product a .

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4). L (with Y1 of multiplicity 5, and Y2 simple): e C iso = Y1 dev + Y2 sph. l, its orthogonal complement in Sym, obeys it as well (Exercise 4). 59 CONSTITUTIVE ASSUMPTIONS In the transversely isotropic case, when 9. ::J Rot(a), the solution of the representation problem is slightly more complicated. If we let a == C3, it can be shown (vid. 15) and two I-dimensional proper spaces that together compose the orthogonal complement J( of C1 $ C2 in Sym. If we choose the following orthonormal basis for Sym: {Ci.

1); similarly, the applied traction at a typical point of af(Q) is given by the action of T on the exterior normal to af(Q) at that point. REMARK. 2)2 remains the same. Let a motion m = Ut I t ETC R} be given, and let 7 be the corresponding trajectory. A pair consisting of m and a symmetric-valued tensor field T defined over 7, with T (', t) smooth for each t E T, is called a dynamical process. Given a dynamical process, the Cauchy theorem permits us to construct the corresponding balanced system of forces (s = Tn, b = -divT) at each time.

V+ r Jh(n) b . 1) with v = ft' the velocity field associated with m (cf. 12». ,(n) T . 2)1. u; (dunamis) == force. 1) if and only if T E Sym, a condition that we know from our discussion in Section 8 to be the pointwise equivalent of the second of Euler's axioms. 39 STRESS grad v (or, equivalently, the symmetric part of the latter). 3) suggest other pairs of dual stress and strain measures. The following forms involving Piola and Cosserat stresses are important in the mechanics of solids: p(s)(n) = f TR.

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