2D Nmr: Density Matrix and Product Operator Treatment - download pdf or read online

By Gheorghe D. Mateescu, Adrian Valeriu

ISBN-10: 013013368X

ISBN-13: 9780130133687

Not like so much really expert books in this topic that emphasize the mathematical foundations of 2nd NMR, this e-book deals an experimentally-based, transparent rationalization of the density-matrix and product operator remedies hence permitting non-experts to determine sequences of various levels of complexity.

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6d t(8) that the two components have rotated by an average of WCD2. The fast one has gained p /2 and the slow one has lost p /2. As a result, the two vectors (of unequal magnitude) are now coincident. 43) confirm that at time t(8) both matrix elements d*12 and d*34 have the same phase factor, exp(iWCD2). 59) represents the enhancement of the carbon magnetization by polarization transfer. This could not be even guessed from the vector representation. Nothing remarkable happens after the end of D2.

10. The carbon-carbon connectivity spectrum of a mo-lecule with MW = 137. 45 COSY 5. DENSITY MATRIX DESCRIPTION OF COSY (HOMONUCLEAR CORRELATION SPECTROSCOPY) COSY (COrrelation SpectroscopY) is widely used, particularly for disentangling complicated proton spectra by proton-proton chemical shift correlation and elucidation of the coupling pattern. Of course, other spin 1/2 systems such as 19F can be successfully studied with this 2D sequence. 11. 11. 61). 3 Evolution from t (1) to t (2) Only nondiagonal terms are affected by evolution.

64) dmn is the matrix element and wmn = (Em − En)/ = is the angular frequency of transition m → n. Note that dmn(0) is the starting point of the evolution immediately after a given pulse. In our case the elements dmn(0) are those of D(1). 65) where mm and mn are the total magnetic quantum numbers of states m and n (see Appendix B). 65) to our particular case (m1 = 1 ; m2 = m3 = 0 ; m4 = − 1). As expected, the diagonal elements are invariant during evolution since both exponentials are equal to 1.

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