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By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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Then the Prince raised his eyes heavenwards and cried, "O Thou who answerest the necessitous when he calleth upon Thee and dispellest his distress; O my God ! " The Ghulah, hearing his prayer, turned away from him, and the Prince returned to his father, and told him the tale of the Wazir; whereupon the King summoned the Minister to his presence and then and there slew him. Thou likewise, O King, if thou continue to trust this leach, shalt be made to die the worst of deaths. He verily thou madest much of and whom thou entreatedest as an intimate, will work thy destruction.

No sooner had the head ceased speaking than the King rolled over dead. Now I would have thee know, O Ifrit, that if King Yunan had spared the Sage Duban, Allah would have spared him, but he refused so to do and decreed to do him dead, wherefore Allah slew him; and thou too, O Ifrit, if thou hadst spared me, Allah would have spared thee. " "Say on," quoth the King. " Then the Marid roared aloud and cried, "Allah upon thee, O Fisher man, don't! " Quoth the Fisherman, "Leave this language: there is no help but that thou be thrown back into the sea nor is there any way for thy getting out of it for ever and ever.

But if ye fain forsake, I'll requite till quits we cry! And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased saying her permitted say. " Then he sent for the Fisherman and commended him to bring four other fish like the first and to take with him three men as witnesses.

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